What is a financial advisor?

A financial advisor is a consultant on the shrewd planning and doing business, an assistant in supervising the financial activities of your company and achieving the set objectives.


Who I am

light Eesti Ühispank, SEB Grupp, Lukoil Estonia, Veolia Environmental Services – with a current business name «Eesti Keskonnateenused» (Estonian Environmental Services) – and Kodumaa Kapitali HLÜ.

Due to my long-term work experience in banking and financial management, I excel in finding finances, compiling business plan, performing business plan analysis, digitalizing of company’s reporting (collating numbers from different tables to 5-7 basic numbers, showing your company's current status and future prospects). Over the recent years, I provided those services for more than 300 clients.

Altogether I have participated in over 600 different projects that received funding of more than 50 million euros.
Another example of my previous achievements is related to the unique service that I started in Estonia in 2017 – a solution to the insider problems of business owners. I've already prevented several business failures and helped people solve their unresolved problems.

I can provide solutions to customer problems in Estonian, Russian and English languages.

I actively participate in civic organisations – I am a member of the EVEA (Estonian SME Association) council, member of the Estonian Jewish Community, Member of the Board of the Estonian Jewish Community (1998-2004), Member of the School Board of Tallinn German High School, Member of the Board of Tallinn German High School Foundation.

My goal is to help entrepreneurs create an automated business that works without active participation of its owner, to assist with the shrewd planning and doing business, to facilitate the monitoring of the company's financial activity, to find and overcome weaknesses of business operations, as well as to improve the negotiations with both banks and co-owners.

Are you concerned about an issue within my field of expertise? Spare your nerves and get in touch with me right away.

Innovations at work

I always follow the news in the financial sector, I am always in the thick of things and I have a great understanding of the current market situation.

Our results

I achieve through constant self-study and study of global trends in the markets.