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My name is Ron Luvistsuk and I am a financial advisor with 25 years of corporate experience. All these years I have been helping business owners and managers to get loans, build a business management system, find ways to cut costs and to rise in yeilds.

I received my first degree at the Tallinn Technical University, and the second degree in economics at the Estonian Business School.

During the years as a financial consultant, Ron Luvicshuk has provided consulting services to more than 500 customers , he participated in preparing of 400+ different projects, which in total received funding for more than 50 million euros.

My mission is to help entrepreneurs create such a business system that works without active personal participation in the operational sphere. I achieve this by creating a management system that facilitates the control of the company's finances on the part of the company's owner.

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Through experience in banking and financial management, I provide assistance to prepare a business plan and to attract investments.

Since 2019 I have been providing a moderation service for business owners with internal problems.. My work made it possible to prevent several bankruptcies of enterprises and helped business owners deal with previously unsolvable problems.

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About me