If you need money to open or run an effective business (purchase of equipment, additional purchase of goods, development of a new direction, timely payment of bills, etc.), first of all you will have to determine the source of funding. Do you loan money, for example, your relatives or without a loan in a credit institution is not enough.

To clarify the situation and to prevent the so-called “long-term debt trap,” answer the following questions:

• for what purpose do you need money?
• How long do you need to get money?
• Do you have employees who can “entrust” the search and attraction of money?
• Do you or your experts understand the features of financial products and services?
• Can you analyze all the subtleties and nuances of the proposals?

If you find it difficult to answer at least one question or you do not have time to independently deal with questions on finding financial means, communicate with creditors and choose the best product for you; no one from the staff to entrust the study of the market and the preparation of the necessary documents - attract a third-party specialist who "turnkey" will do all the work for you.

How can I and my team be helpful?

- We will analyze the proposals and choose the best product for you;
- We will conduct all necessary negotiations with the creditor on your behalf and in your interests;
- We will prepare the entire package of documents for attracting loans and provide it to the lender;
- We will negotiate with your creditors regarding your lending;
- We will help you get a grant from EAS and other similar structures.

What you need to pay attention to when getting a loan

• On what conditions do you offer a loan? The percentage does not always reflect the true cost of the loan;
• Did you contact your bank only? Often, the bank through which you conduct your core business offers rather poor conditions, since customers often do not consider other offers;
• Have you applied to other banks? When contacting other banks, it is necessary to convincingly explain why you turned to them, and not to your own bank;
• What kind of loan you are offered. Different lenders under the same name may have completely different services;
• What are the costs associated with the loan. Whether hidden costs are hidden in the text of the contract.
• What additional conditions does the lender give you? How they will affect your future activities.
• What are the terms of the termination of the contract.
• What pledges the lender wants to receive. Often, lenders are reinsured and require more collateral than necessary.

If you understand that you do not know the answers to the questions, you have the opportunity to get a free consultation with me personally, by booking time by phone. 5019216 or leaving a personal message to Facebook.

About me:

Ron Louwischuk
20 years in financial business
632 successful cases
Over 50,000,000 euros of attracted loans
Amounts from 10,000 to 12,000,000
Experience in credit institutions
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