Money for the company

Finding the best way to get money for your company based on a competent analysis of the current state of your business.

Financing entrepreneurs starting their business or developing an existing business is exactly the kind of question your financial advisor can help you solve. There are various opportunities to obtain additional funding, including: banks, investors, funds, start-up programs, online platforms for entrepreneurs, etc.

● Financing
Analysis of the current financial condition of your business, identification of sources of financing and assistance in money management. It is often necessary to use various types of financing, and in this matter a financial advisor is a smart decision.

● Negotiations with creditors
Building optimal strategies for negotiating with creditors. It is successful loan negotiations that can help avoid a lot of problems with suppliers, banks, serious trials and consequences, such as bankruptcy, arrest of bank accounts, seizure of property, etc. Starting a conversation with creditors is difficult, especially in a critical situation, at this time financial advisor timely, and invaluable. When negotiating, the financial adviser will personally negotiate with creditors and will do everything possible to achieve the most favorable conditions for your business.

● European Funds Allowance
The European Union provides funding for a wide range of projects and programs covering such areas as:

  • regional and urban development;
  • employment and social integration;
  • agriculture and rural development;
  • maritime and fishing policies;
  • research and innovation;

Collecting the necessary information for you on the benefits of Euro-funds, preparing documents for applying to the fund and submitting the corresponding petition.
Elaboration of all the nuances and rules for the use of allocated funds.

● Creating a business plan

Business planning is a very important part of a business. Competent and timely consultation of a financial adviser, and here it is very helpful.

Preparation and revision of business plans and regular monitoring of the company's finances and efficiency.

Structured planning for growing your business. Resource planning to increase profits, reduce costs and increase return on investment.

A business plan is necessary to determine the basic strategy of a company’s development, it can serve to raise funds or to attract potential partners to your business.

A financial adviser will understand the current situation of your company and help you create a real business plan based on your goals.

● Budget planning

Management of financial performance. Creating a budgeting process as an effective way of doing business.

Development of data on growth zones, competitors, cash flow and profits are necessary components of the budget planning process.

A financial advisor will help you plan a company's budget, which can be used to further plan, monitor and evaluate the performance of a company.